Sold Didges

Didgeridoo #186

I was so excited when I found this agave and was the first I worked on when I got back home from that day collecting. I absolutely love these thick old souls for the way the way they play and look. I am guessing this was waiting out in the desert for a few years waiting to be transformed into an instrument. While out there it became a home for many insects that created a ton of opportunities for me to inlay turquoise throughout. This one has such a great taper and has perfect back pressure. It responds to any tiny manipulation of sound and has such a good feel to the drone. The vocals are clear and loud and the overtones with its bore taper, wall thickness, and length make the overtones a cinch. This would be great for a beginner to the most advanced as it is so easy to play but has so many capabilities.




Sold, Thanks Jeff! in Knysna, South Africa

Didgeridoo #200

I found this beautiful stalk on a birding trip in the Chiricahua mountains in south eastern Arizona. It is an incredible range and some of the most diverse bird populations in the world. The agaves are a bit different down there as well and so was able to grab a few unique stalks. This one would be one of the best for a beginner but also a blast for a professional player.  With its think neck and good sized bell it has very strong back pressure with almost no breath required to start the drone. The narrow neck also makes overtones a cinch. I haven’t had a lot of time to play this one but when I first played it I knew that this had some incredible capabilities. Sound sample coming soon!


Sold, Thanks Dick! in Gunnison, CO

Didgeridoo #196

On a long harvest day I was about to call it until I saw this one calling from the top of the hill. It was the prize of the harvest as I love these thick Old Souls. If you look at my personal collection many have the characteristics of this one. It plays with ease and has a  rich powerful drone with a warm overtone present in the drone when you push it right. It warms up quickly and when it opens up has so much power and response and even though its an open bore there is great back pressure. Like all agaves the vocal response is tremendous and the overtones are easy to reach as well. The pigments are beautiful in the wood which is one of my favorite qualities of these unique Old Souls. It’s hard to tell from the pics but the red and white patterns almost have a leopard look to it. Also, being an older stalk I was able to use all the bug holes throughout to fill them with turquoise. This would be great for any level player and a real gem!




Sold, Thanks again Dick! in Gunnison, CO

Didgeridoo #195

I found this enormous stalk laying on the desert floor over a year ago. The extreme size and weight caused the flower to topple over as it was probably over 30 feet in length. It was still too soon to harvest a the time so I went back a year later to collect it and work on it. This would be an amazing didge for a sound healer as it registers close to 432hz. It has extreme volume and resonance and with the deep key of B it is mesmerizing. Despite its size it takes very little breath because of its strong back pressure . The big bore adds a ton of bass to the crisp drone. The vocals are amazing and with its length they really can travel the didge and create really unique effects.  Making these large didges is time consuming but are well worth it when you get to play them and feel the power, volume, resonance, and vocals abilities that they contain.












Sold, Thanks again Jeff! in New Rochelle, NY

Didgeridoo #190

  • Key: A#
  • Length: 74″
  • Bell: 5″
  • Mouthpiece: Shedua, Wenge, Canary
  • Wall thickness: Thick
  • Back pressure: Very Strong








Sold, Thanks Dean! in Bozeman, MT

Didgeridoo #179

  • Key: D#
  • Length: 51″
  • Bell: 3″
  • Mouthpiece: Oak
  • Back pressure: Strong
  • Wall thickness: Medium





Sold, thanks Clark! in El Paso, TX