Sold Didges

Didgeridoo #234

These giant agaves are such a challenge to make but so worth it. They play with incredible response and for the serious player these can take you to a place you may have not yet visited playing the instrument . The small amount of air necessary to play these is astounding. So much back pressure allows the player to really relax and focus on all the sounds you can create. B is one of the most soothing notes and would be great for those playing for meditation and also would be great for sound healing with the extreme resonation these have. You can feel this one shake as well as the walls of the room you are playing in. The overtones are crystal clear and especially with the thick wood on this agave have such a soothing quality to them. Vocals will blow your mind on this one as you can travel the 6 plus feet of didge creating amazing sound landscapes. This one that has so much power and can really help both the player and listener reach different worlds. Not only is it impressive in sound it is amazing to play a flower this large and the visuals alone capture the imagination of the player.

Sold, Thanks Ivo!  in Minneapolis, MN

Didgeridoo #255


  • Key: B
  • Length: 67″
  • Bell: 4″
  • Mouthpiece: Padauk, Canary
  • Wall thickness: Medium
  • Back pressure: Very strong

It is hard to tell from the photo but I added some dark mica powder to the resin on the inside of this one. I decided to do this as I knew this would be a really deep note and wanted it to have a feeling of a connection with the planets. I also chose the padauk which has some really nice variation in coloration that I haven’t seen in this wood before and reminded me of another planet as well. It plays with so much response and takes hardly any breath. The vocals are amazing as well manipulations with the cheeks and tongue. It is just so responsive and less is more on this one. It also has really nice rhythmic capabilities which is so cool to hear with these deeper tones. This would be great for the player that likes to use the didge for meditation and sound healing. If you haven’t tried these deeper tones you should as they have such an amazing effect on the player and listener.


Sold, Thanks Guy! in Point Reyes, CA


Didgeridoo #257

  • Key: D
  • Length: 63″
  • Bell: 7″
  • Mouthpiece: Padauk, Sapele, Beli
  • Wall thickness: Thick to medium at bell
  • Back pressure: Very strong

This is a really impressive stalk that a friend collected and  aged in his garage for 5 years.  Was so nice of him to let me have it and was so fun to work on with its amazing shape and character. It has some really nice thick walls and it plays with so much power. Really easy overtones and tremendous vocals really stand out on this one. The drone is nice and solid with a really nice bass tone to it. It loves to play rhythmically and it requires so little breath with its strong back pressure and the rhythms just come so easily. This stalk has beautiful wood grain with a lot of added turquoise in all the bug holes. D is a great note for a beginner and this would be so awesome to start on or be a great addition to the most experienced player. A solid didge!




Sold, Thanks Steve! in Golden, CO

Didgeridoo #253

  • Key: E
  • Length: 51″
  • Bell: 3.75″
  • Mouthpiece: Ash
  • Wall thickness: Medium
  • Back pressure: Strong

This one has some really amazing contrast in the stalk with the whites and darks throughout. The beautiful wood has some nice accents of turquoise inlaid throughout that really pop with the varied wood grain. It can play with so much speed with its shape and has great volume for its size. These shorter stalks are so explosive and you can also hear them really well as the player being closer to the bell.  Great vocals and overtones and plays great at slower ambient speeds.  If you are looking to add some speed to your playing and love ambient styles as well this would be a great one for you! It has been really fun playing this one while working on it and know it will bring lots of joy to its new home.



Sold, Thanks again Hiro! in Kuki, Japan

Didgeridoo #250

This is a very different looking stalk than many of the didges I craft. This is a different species that is rare to find around southern Arizona. I was so excited to see this impressive stalk and love the form and the concentrated flower branch nubs. This is a huachuca agave and found more commonly in Northern Arizona. It is always fun to work with different looking stalks and this one has such a great presence to it. I love how this one plays. It comes alive when you play it and the drone is so soothing. It registered in D# at 432hz and although this might fluctuate a bit with temperature and humidity levels this one is a really healing didge. The drone has such a nice balance and the bass tones so rich. The overtones are so easy to reach and the vocals are crystal clear. The response is amazing and has such amazing rhythmic and ambient capabilities. I would strongly suggest this to someone who is about to start their journey with the didge to the most advanced player. Such a unique and special didge!




Sold, Thanks Alicia! in Calgary, Canada

Didgeridoo #245

  • Key: A#
  • Length: 6′ 6″
  • Bell: 5″
  • Mouthpiece: Beli, Shedua
  • Wall thickness: Medium
  • Back pressure: Very strong

A# is one of the most popular keys especially with those that like to use the didgeridoo for meditation and sound healing. These big agaves are so responsive and easy to play and require such a little amount of breath it’s crazy. While recording this one I realized the tremendous bass that is so soothing to listen to. It practically plays itself and love the vocal and overtone capabilities it has in addition to its calming deep drone. For such a deep note it likes to also play some fast rhythms in addition to ambient style of play. This can be so unique to hear such a deep instrument play at such speeds and really mesmerizing to player and listener. Not only is this a great player the stalk has such beautiful wood grain with evidence of the leaves that were once attached to the stalk. This one has so much power and beauty and will be a great addition to the serious didge players collection!





Sold, Thanks, Dwayne! in Milwaukee, WI

Didgeridoo #222

This huge bore didgeridoo in B has such a beautiful bass tone drone. It instantly mesmerizes the player and would be great for a sound healer or for meditative style of playing. With such a deep note the open bore also allows for some really interesting rhythmic style of playing. Really easy to play fast on this one and is really great to be able to play with such tempo in a deeper key. The vocals are so crisp and really project well. This wood has so much resonance to it and this was an enormous flower at over 30 feet tall. Was quite the specimen. I have never made one with this big a bore so really had to carve a long mouthpiece of two of my favorite woods to taper to the opening. I will be making more as I just love the sound and how it makes me feel as a player. If you haven’t explored these deeper notes you are in for a treat!


Sold, Thanks Alexander! in Treffen, Austria

Didgeridoo #235

I just love the feel and the way this didge plays. With its narrow  neck and fast taper to a nice size bell this one plays with such explosive abilities. Really allows and encourages the player to play incredibly fast and mix in overtones with ease. The drone is so sweet and requires such little amount of breath that it lends itself well to ambient styles of playing too. The coloration in the bell sure is attention grabbing as it has such beautiful pigments of pinks and reds. The spalted maple mouthpiece adds a nice touch as well and just love the look of it. This was in Key at 432hz which is a very popular tuning for sound healing. This can fluctuate a bit with climate but in general will have that nice soothing tone if using it for these purposes. I have been having so much fun playing this one and would be great for the ultimate beginner or add some new sounds for the seasoned didge player. D# has always been one of my favorite keys for rhythmic style of playing and this one is so inspiring in how it plays.


Thanks Mike! in Kitchener, Ontario

Didgeridoo #244

I absolutely love how this one plays! It plays with such response and power with hardly any breath required. C is the root chakra and we all know that right now we need to ground ourselves more than ever. This one definitely has that effect on me when I play it. When I was recording the sample I didn’t want to stop. It feels like this one just wants to keep playing and it is ready and warmed up right away. At 6 feet in length this is a great didge for traveling sounds and creating intricate soundscapes. The shape also lends itself well to overtone styles of play. The vocals are tremendous and really bright and clear. The drone is just so balanced with some really nice bass tones and easily reached drone overtone rings when pushed right. I would highly recommend this one to the most advanced player to one that has never picked up a didge. Excited to see where it ends up!


Sold, Thanks Hunter! in Reno, NV