Sold Didges

Didgeridoo #131


  • Key: D
  • Length: 60.5″
  • Bell: 4.5″
  • Mouthpiece: Leopardwood, Satinwood
  • Backpressure: Strong
  • Wall Thickness: Medium

Some didges are just hard to put into words as there is just a feeling you have when you play it that just resonates with you. This one is so balanced and seems to do everything well. It has nice volume with the beautiful drone it contains. Great explosive ability, vocals, overtones, and responsiveness. This is  one of my favorites of the recently completed didges. I picked it up  and played it so many times while working on it as I just love it. This would be great to start on and grow with or for the serious player that wants to add a great D to their collection.







Sold, Thanks Corey! in Bozeman, MT

Didgeridoo #119


  • Key: A#
  • Length: 70.5″
  • Bell: 3.2″
  • Mouthpiece: Shedua, African Mahogany
  • Backpressure: Very Strong
  • Wall Thickness: Thin


Here is another one of my lovely  deep note didgeridoos.   Very rare to find didges in A# this one is so easy to play and takes very little breath.  At close to six feet in length this allows the player to really travel sounds up and down the didge and the thinner walls on this one adds very crisp  vocals with lots of bass present. When there is the opportunity I love to leave parts of the old flower nubs on these bigger stalks. It really adds a unique appearance to the didge. This one is so responsive  and highly recommended if you don’t have an A# yet.  this is your chance to explore a very powerful note.







Sold,  thanks Jamie! in Gibbsboro, NJ

Didgeridoo #121


  • Key: D#
  • Length: 57″
  • Bell: 5″
  • Mouthpiece: Padauk, Walnut
  • Backpressure: Medium
  • Wall thickness: Thick

This is a gnarly stalk full of stories. At least 3 years after blooming this stalk was still surviving the harsh desert climate. Most agaves wouldn’t make it this far and defines an old soul. So many bug holes and cracks in this very dense thick wood. I have left the cracks visible in my old soul style and many of the bug holes I have inlaid with turquoise throughout. A ton of inlays in this one. The deep cracks in this one are completely sealed so don’t worry as they just add character to the stalk. It plays with great power and my friend who recently visited just loved this didge. Easy toots, nice vocals, great response are all characters of this stalk. If you like an instrument that could tell stories this is the one.





Sold, Thanks Jim! in Tucson, AZ

Didgeridoo #122


  • Key: D#
  • Length: 68″
  • Bell: 9″!
  • Mouth on Agave: 2.8″
  • Mouthpiece: Leopard, Padauk, Walnut: 1.25″
  • Wall Thickness: Thick to Medium
  • Backpressure: Strong

This one is a powerhouse. A 9″ bell is pretty hard to come by and still be able to have a didge form. This one has an enormous bore size as you can reach your whole arm up to your shoulder and flap your hand around in it. This bore creates some insane bass tones that completely shake my old airstream studio. If you like vocals this is like a megaphone projecting them far out in space. The drone has such a crisp tone and the bass doesn’t over shadow it. Volume wise this is one of the loudest didges I have heard. Such responsiveness and the ability to play with incredible speed and power as well as it really feels comfortable in a slower ambient rhythms as well. Despite its large size it takes so little breath and plays with ease. In addition to all of its amazing sound  capabilities it is also just a beautiful stalk. Great dense wood, nice coloration, and lots of turquoise inlays throughout. This would be a great performance didge and will surely draw a crowd. You won’t see many agaves out there like this!






Sold, Thanks Stephen! in Tucson, AZ

Didgeridoo #104


  • Key: C
  • Length: 68″
  • Bell: 7″
  • Mouth on Agave: 2.75″
  • Mouthpiece: Leopardwood, Walnut: 1.25″
  • Wall Thickness: Medium
  • Backpressure: Very Strong
  • 104






Sold, Thanks Hiro! in Kuki City, Japan

Didgeridoo #102


  • Key: D
  • Length: 68″
  • Bell: 8.5″
  • Mouth on Agave: 1.75″
  • Mouthpiece: Wenge, Padauk, Sapele: 1.25″
  • Wall thickness: Thin
  • Backpressure: Strong
  • 102










Sold, Thanks Hiro! in Kuki City, Japan


Didgeridoo #101


  • Key:D
  • Length: 69″
  • Bell: 8.75″
  • Mouth on Agave: 2.6″
  • Mouthpiece: Padauk 1.3″
  • Wall thickness: Thick to Medium at bell
  • Backpressure: Strong
  • 101









Sold, Thanks again Jonas! in Chicago, IL


Didgeridoo #106


  • Key: E
  • Length: 65″
  • Bell:7.75″
  • Mouth on Agave: 2″
  • Mouthpiece: Leopardwood, Padauk
  • Wall Thickness: Medium
  • Backpressure: Very Strong
  • 106









Sold, Thanks Greg! in Tucson, AZ