Bell Didgeridoos

These are flashy didgeridoos with lots of volume. They are very popular for their appearance and great when playing with drums or other instruments when a mic is not available.

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Didgeridoo #271

  • Key: D#
  • Length: 58″
  • Bell: 7″
  • Mouthpiece: Zebrawood, Shedua
  • Back pressure: Strong
  • Wall thickness: Thick to medium at bell

Just recording this didge I immediately noticed how responsive it is and how good it made me feel! This one may fluctuate a little on key as it seems to sometimes be more of a D# and sometimes can register a bit into the D range. It is a bit of an in between note so if you need to be in a perfect key this might not be the one for you. I like to go more on feel when I am not playing with tuned instruments and this one has a such a great feel to it. Has the ability to play with great pace with the incredible taper to that huge bell but plays so beautifully in an ambient style. The curve one this one is so amazing and has really nice dense wood that tapers to create a resonator like bell that has a ton of volume. This Old Soul had a ton of bug activity which translates to a ton of turquoise inlays throughout not seen in the photos. The turquoise goes so well with the beautifully varied pigments. You can also see some termite activity in the bell photo which adds some great character and shows the age of the stalk. This was such a fun one to work on and now play!




Price: $435.00

Didgeridoo #267

Here is another monster Old Soul agave didge. Yes, this one actually has a 9″ bell! With such a large bell it can actually stand up straight:) This is an extremely old stalk that has some really nice dense thick walls. It can play with more volume than maybe any didge I have ever made. It excels both rhythmically and in ambient style of play and has amazing vocal potential. The drone is full of bass with its big bore and has such a good feel to it. If you are busking or playing with others you will definitely be heard. This is a great didge for the serious player and could inspire so many new ideas. Also great for a sound healer with its tuning and calming bass frequencies. This one has to be played and seen to be believed!

Price: $800.00